🌹Homemade Rose Bath salt with Real Rose and Jasmine Buds.🌹


All Natural Ingredients. ❤
– All Nature – Handmade – Jasmine/Rose Bath Salts –

Himalayan Pink Salt:

Originates from the Punjab Region of modern Pakistan. Earliest known mining of the salt date back to the 1200s.

Benefits of soaking:
  • Relax and let go of all that stress
  • Got bug bites or blisters?  Himalayan salt will soothe the sting.
  • Gently cleanses the skin. (It is general practice in Thalassotherapy spas, or seawater therapy,  for multiple people to share a bath, as the salt is a disinfectant)
  • Can treat eczema and acne

Dead Sea Minerals:

Recorded uses dating back to Ancient Egyptians times. After going lengths to win over the Dead Sea, Cleopatra attributed her beautiful skin to the mystery of the sea and its salts.

Benefits of soaking:
  • This salt is rich in potassium, making it a natural skin moisturizer – which is great for dry skin!
  • Detoxing agents in the salt help reduce soreness, swelling and stiffness.
  • Helps to reduce fine line and wrinkles
  • Due to the Sulphur content, it’s a great cleanser and is used to treat acne.
Rose Essential Oil Benefits:
  • Adding to a warm bath will help ease your anxiety.
  • Inhaling the aromas in a hot bath will help clear out any congestion.
  • Relaxes Muscles
  • Works as an antiseptic

**Adding dried flower buds to your bath enhances the aromas and gives your bath a romantic feel.

How to use:

When you receive your package -you will have one organza bag -read to be used! Simply, run a warm bath – temperature to your liking – make sure the organza bath is tied at the top – toss into the bath.

Next – slip in, lay back and relax – knowing that the nature mixture you are soaking in will help ease your anxieties and troubles for the moment being – you will feel relaxed and light – grab your favorite book or turn on some relaxing music. Soak for about 20-30 minutes , or what you feel comfortable with.

When you are finished – allow the tub to drain. Once the organza bag and the flower buds are dry, untie the bag and simple toss the flower buds into the trash. Keep the bag to fill up for your next use as it can be used up to 3 times!

NOTE: You are able to dump mixture directly into the tub without the bag – if you so want. Please note that dried flowers can clog up your tub drain – make sure to clean out and do not allow the dried flowers to go down the drain.

Rose Bath Salts with Real Jasmine and Rose Flower Buds

You will receive 3- 2oz square tin (pictured) and 1- ready to use white sheer organza bag full of the bath salts. BONUS GIFT - 1 - Raw Piece of Rose Quartz




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