What exactly is Petrified Wood?

Petrified wood is commonly mistaken as actual wood. As it did start as wood – from an actual tree – it is no longer wood at this point in its life. See what had happened was… At the end of a tree’s life, a chemical known as silicon dioxide forms in the place of the wood and slowly degrades the wood until the only thing left is wood-looking quartz. It is said that all the wisdom the tree had gained throughout its lifetime, will stay with it in fossilized form.

Petrified Wood will activate the Rook Chakra and keep you grounded as well as help teach you patience and aid in breaking bad habits. It’s used a lot in meditation as it is known to help you look into your past life, take the information and experience and apply them to your life today.

Petrified Wood Pendant on Black Cotton Cord

Beautiful Petrified Wood Pendant hung on black cotton cord. This necklace is 17 inches at the longest length with allowed the fossil to lay just below the collar bone. - Ready to Ship - Only 1 available like this


Ways to use the crystal:
  • Petrified Wood is commonly used as a meditation stone, wear the crystal or simply have in the room while you meditate.
  • Carry a piece with your or wear as jewelry to help you stay connected to nature
  • Keep petrified wood in your home as furniture or décor, especially if you are in the city. Not only will it remind you to respect nature , it’ll keep you grounded.

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