Lava Rocks – Are they Actually Lava? πŸŒ‹

It’s True!!!

Lava Rocks, Lava Stones, Volcanic Rock, or Basalt – A stone that has many names and an explosive story! This stone has been around for thousands of years and comes from underneath the volcano – which reaches temperatures as high as 1000 degrees Celsius! After the volcano erupts and cools, you are left with this solid – yet porous black material- LAVA ROCK!

This stone comes directly from the ground – which is not surprising that it is known for helping you stay grounded. Associated with the Root chakra, this stone also represents rebirth which some believe means it is a wonderful stone for fertility.  Lava Rocks remind you that it is okay to have to start over – but do not leave your true self behind. You have another chance, in turn boosting your motivation and confidence!

Ways to use:

  • Wear as necklaces or bracelets and pair with your favorite essential oil.
  • Place in the room while you are meditating to help you feel grounded – some believe that the rock will absorb the negative energies, making it easier to quiet your mind.

Lava Rock Jewelry Instruction:

*When using essential oils on lava rock jewelry, please make sure to take off the jewelry BEFORE applying the oils.

  1. Lay down a washcloth or paper towel – set jewelry on top.
  2. Drop one (1) drop of your favorite essential oil on each lava rock – (the more you have – the stronger it will be.)
  3. Allow the rocks to dry completely (approx. 24hours)

WARNING: Skin sensitivity or burning may occur if you do not allow the rocks to dry completely.


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