Tourmaline Properties


This gemstone is amazing to aid in the understanding of not only yourself but understanding of others.  Tourmaline invites tolerance, compassion, inspiration, and prosperity.

It balances the right-left sides of the brain and helps improve hand-eye coordination, helps paranoia, and assists in overcoming dyslexia. Tourmaline relieves tension and is helpful for spinal adjustments.

This is the most colorful gemstone of all gemstones! What makes it multicolored is the fact that it is not a single mineral, but a group of minerals.

The most popular colors you will see are pink, red, blue, green, and even several colors in a single piece!  Tourmaline has no limit to the color they can be found in, but not all colors are easily found.

  • Black Tourmaline – Base Chakra
  • Blue Tourmaline – Throat Chakra
  • Pink Tourmaline –   Heart Chakra
  • Green Tourmaline – Heart Chakra


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